FAAST: The Organization of Hope and Opportunity

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST) is the state of Florida's Assistive Technology Program.  

We provide CORE services to our customers, Floridians with disabilities, from our State Headquarters in Tallahassee, Regional Demonstration Centers (RDCs), and Regional ReUse Centers (RRCs).

CORE Services provided by the FAAST State Headquarters:

  • Information and assistance activities are primarily offered through our toll-free number at 1-844-FL-FAAST (353-2278). These activities include providing information and supports to our customers and referrals to other entities. Activities are provided in person, over the telephone, via email, or other effective communication mechanisms.
  • state financing program (New Horizon Loan Program) that provides low-interest financial loans to purchase or lease Assistive Technology. 
  • device exchange program (AT List) in which devices are listed in a “want ad”-type posting and consumers can contact and arrange to obtain the device from the current owner. 
  • Public awareness activities are provided through multiple social media platforms, weekly e-newsletters, quarterly digital magazines, press releases, public service announcements, news stories, this website, and exhibits at conferences.  
  • Technical Assistance is activities provided to state and local agencies as well as service organizations.  The purpose of these activities are to improve services, management, policies, and outcomes. Examples of technical assistance include program planning and development; curriculum or materials development; administrative or management consultation; program evaluation; and policy development.

CORE Services provided by our Regional Demonstration Centers (RDCs)

  • Who knows better what community resources are available than people that live in the community.  That's why our RDCs also provide Information and assistance activities to our customers.  RDC staff have a personal perspective on local resources.
  • Short-term loans are provided to assist our customers to help in selecting the right "piece" of assistive technology; to serve as a loaner while our customers are waiting for device repair or funding; to provide an accommodation on a short-term basis, or to conduct training, self-education or other professional development activities.
  • Device demonstrations are provided to our customers to compare the features and benefits of a particular AT device or category of devices. The purpose of a device demonstration is to enable an individual to make an informed choice.
  • Training activities are instructional events provided to our customers to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and competencies regarding AT.  Such events are delivered to large or small groups, in-person, or via telecommunications or other distance education mechanisms. and presentations that have a goal of increasing skills, knowledge, and competency. 

CORE Services provided by our Regional ReUse Centers (RRCs):

  • Device reassignment/refurbishment and repair activities is an assistive technology recycling program in which donations are accepted, sanitized and/or refurbished as needed; and then offered for sale, loan, rental, or give away to customers as redistributed products. 
  • Open-ended device loans are when a device borrower can keep a device for as long as required to meet a particular need. 



Join the FAAST Access Network as we build a larger, stronger movement of people with disabilities, parents, siblings, and allies.

Be a part of the FAAST Access Network and get information about public policy issues impacting assistive technology, and know when to take timely...

This guide was modeled after “The Buck Starts Here – A Guide to Assistive Technology Funding in Kentucky”, published in 1991 by the Kentucky Assistive Technology (KATS) Network.


Join us for a Webinar on September 14th or 15th to provide information to the parents, guardians, and all other interested parties on assistive technology as it relates to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004) 

This Training will be sponsored by the Florida...

School is starting around the country, and students are being introduced into a brand new environment. This can be scary for most, but especially so when that student has a disability. They are exposed to new sights, sounds, and heaps of new stimuli. Teachers are thrown into the mix without the...

2nd Annual FAAST 5K

We have set the dates for the FAAST 5K.  Mark you calendars!

During September and October, runners, walkers, wheelchair users can run ANYWHERE in the world and help FAAST.

Registration will be opening soon.  

All proceeds from the run will go to purchase adaptive toys for children with disabilities.