Special Message Concerning FAAST 411.

What is FAAST, Inc.?

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, Inc. serves Floridians with disabilities by providing free access to information, referral services, educational programs, and publications in accessible formats on topics such as disability rights, laws, and policies.  We also provide assistive technology (AT) device loans as well as funding opportunities for AT.

What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

AT is any item, piece of equipment, software, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the function of individuals with disabilities.

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EdcampAccess International

ATIA is proud to support edcampAccess International.  


What is EdcampAccess International?

Carrying on the tradition started by edcampAccess/Boston and...

FAAST Legislative Priorities Highlight

FAAST has 5 State Legislative Priorities for the 2015 session. http://www.faast.org/content/florida-legislation  Over the next 5 weeks we will highlight one of these...

To the Citizens of Florida:

The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology along with the thousands of Floridians that use speech generating devices (SGD) needs your HELP!

You are needed to submit a response to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s (...



For first time in nation's history, federal government recognizes added costs associated to living with a disability.

(Washington, D.C...

The Bright Feats Spring/Summer Publication is out!!


Taken directly from the Bright Feats website:

Bright Deats directory is owned and operated by Simple Life Connections, LLC. Simple Life Connections is a company that was founded by two moms that both...

Deadline for Youth Leadership Forum

If you work with transition age students/young people, consider checking Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) out. The program takes place in July and is housed in an enclosed dorm (meeting rooms, cafeteria, dorm rooms and baths in one building) on...

Find a Regional Demonstration Center Near You

FAAST, Inc. provides short-term loans where consumers and professionals throughout the state can borrow Assistive Technology (AT) devices for a period of up to 30 days from their designated RDC.