'Speechless' Creator Urges Casting Of Actors With Disabilities - Disability Scoop

The creator of a prime-time comedy starring a teen with cerebral palsy is pushing other Hollywood bigwigs to cast more actors with disabilities, calling barriers to such inclusion “false.” Scott Silveri, the creator and executive producer of ABC’s “Speechless,” said that having a cast member with a disability on his show has been nothing but positive. “The number of Americans with disabilities is a lot and the number of people on TV with disabilities is not a lot and the number of those people portrayed by actual performers with disabilities is like next to none,” Silveri said.
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4 Tips for Medical School Applicants With Disabilities | Medical School Admissions Doctor | US News

According to a Journal of the American Medical Association study published in December 2016, 3 percent of medical school students have disabilities – although this may be an underestimation, since in my experience many students with mental illnesses don't report their condition. Students' disabilities most commonly are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning and psychological disabilities and less commonly sensory and mobility disabilities.
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10 Tips For Unlocking The Talent And Potential Of Employees With Disabilities

One of the most tangible benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion is a company’s ability to attract a broader pool of qualified talent. Conversations about being more inclusive in the workplace focus mostly on gender and race, sometimes on sexuality and age, and only rarely on other forms of diversity. However, a significant opportunity exists for organizations to tap into a large pool of people with disabilities: in 2015, 11% of working-age individuals in the U.S.
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Talent And Potential Of Employees With Disabilities

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