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Apple Present Users in Control: A Fresh Perspective on Accessibility

By AssistiveWare

This audio and PDF podcast offers an insightful look at how people with disabilities are empowered through Mac OS X, while shattering preconceptions on disability and assistive technology (AT). Here the users of AT are in the driver’s seat! Created by Mac users with physical, speech, or vision impairments, it seeks to inform, inspire, and provide a platform for new ideas. To hear audio and podcast please visit


  • Exploring the Frontiers of Assistive Technology, By AssistiveWare

A video podcast showing how people use assistive technology to communicate, express their creativity, play games and make so much more out of life. This podcast shows that there is no reason why people with physical, vision, speech or language impairments cannot use the same creative and educational software as every other Mac OS X user. There will be a few episodes per year, each starring a different person. To view click here:


  • Florida Disability Mentoring October 2013!

Florida Disability Employment Awareness Month/Disability Mentoring Day (DEAM/DMD) is part of a large-scale national effort to promote career development for students, job seekers, and veterans with disabilities through hands-on career exploration, on-site job shadowing, and ongoing mentoring potentially leading to internship and employment opportunities. The Able Trust leads a coalition of statewide and community-based organizations which offer Disability Mentoring Day activities in their communities.

Participating students and job seekers have the opportunity to visit an employer mentor's job site and learn about his or her day-to-day job experiences in an effort to better prepare and sharpen their skills for a particular career path. Employer mentors gain access to a pool of emerging talent, potential interns, and demonstrate positive leadership in their community. For more information on DMD, visit


Service Spotlight

Product Spotlight

Proslate Communication on Apple Ipad

The ComLink ProSlate 10™ is the world's first Apple based, full featured AAC device designed from the beginning to be a Dedicated Speech Generating Device that meets the assistive needs of our users with disabilities.  The ComLink ProSlate™  is not only packed with features that make it a cutting edge and revolutionary AAC device, it is also backed by a company of AAC experts and clinicians that are committed to giving voice to people that we are very passionate about, our clients.


The ComLink ProSlate 10™ is light weight, sleek and stylish. Available in many different colors. It is capable of handling all of your communication needs by leveraging many different AAC apps to generate the highest quality synthesized speech.

Check out some of the key features of the revolutionary ProSlate 10:

• Wearable SoundPOD™ voice output module allows users voice to originate from their body

• FlexABLE™ Handle and Stand gives  limited dexterity users an optimum ergonomic interface with the device

• Supports multiple access methods (touch access, up to four ability switches, and handwriting)

• Features magnetically attaching keyguards to support a multitude of AAC apps

• Attaches to wheelchair mounts, rolling floor mounts, table top mounts, and table clamps

• Includes a “Home Button Guard” to keep users from inadvertently activating the home button


More services available at this center

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers: The Northwest Demonstration Center is equipped with video demonstrations and accessibility tutorials that show you how to make computing easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. You'll find staff experts in computer technology and accessibility-so you'll be able to ask questions and learn how to adjust your personal computer. Free Microsoft Accessibility Resource CD Sets are available -so you can take information with you to use after your visit to the center.

Assistive Technology Demonstrations: FAAST holds regular demonstrations. These demonstrations will be both informal, as visitors are touring through the Center, and formal, with planned demonstration days.

As part of regular Center tours, FAAST staff will plan to do minor demonstrations of the assistive technology. Informal demonstrations will be catered to the desire of the visitor. FAAST staff will be familiar with all of the technology displayed in the Center, and will demonstrate software and/or other technology at the request of the employee.

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