If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to us. We are here to help. 

Toll Free - 1-844-FL-FAAST (1-844-353-2278)
SMS (Text) Message - (850) 320-7948
Video: (850) 347-5498
TTY - (877) 506-2723
Email - info@faastinc.org



Assistive Technology in your pocket

As we know, Assistive Technology comes in many forms. From the wheelchair that increases mobility to communication apps that give someone a voice, AT is everywhere.

There is one piece of assistive technology that most everyone carries, and that is a smart phone. A smart phone has a wide r...

entertainment, AT is AT AT is AT! - entertAinmenT



Technology has advanced mankind in many ways in the last hundred years, from the light bulb to cell phones, it has enhanced our daily lives significantly. Innovations in technology are expanding at a rapid pace allowing for more areas of our life to be done more ef...

Information & assistance Information & Assistance

The FAAST Information and Assistance program, one of our core services, receives questions from all over Florida about our programs, services, and the field of assistive technology.

The FAAST I & A program is accessible through:

·       Telephone - 1-844-353-2278
·     ...


Live a Day, Live YOUR Life

FAAST and FDOA through the support of the Reeve Foundation bring an exciting and fun-filled opportunity to get hands-on with outdoor exercise and recreation equipment.

A perfect opportunity to not just learn about but use multiple types of exercise chairs, hand cycles, all-terrain track chairs and adaptive water equipment.

Mark your calendar for September 22, 2018 and November 10, 2018 to join us at either St George Island State Park or Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland, FL to have fun while finding the equipment to best fit your needs. We will have food, drinks, music, planned activities and plenty of fun!

Please email Eric Reed to keep informed of the event and to ask any questions or learn how you can participate, sponsor or help.

Ereed@faastinc.org, 1-844-FL-FAAST, ext 104.

Click the Link below to register for the event!