FAAST Board of Directors

Board of Directors 411

The board of directors of a nonprofit corporation is legally and financially responsible for the conduct of the organization. It is not a passive role but rather one that must be active for the good of the organization and for reducing liability of the individual directors. It is not just for-profit corporations that are under ever increasing scrutiny for ethical operations.

FAAST Board of Directors

The governing body of FAAST is its Board of Directors.  The FAAST Board of Directors also serve as the Assistive Technology Advisory Council (A-TCA) for the state of Florida.  Membership of the Board/A-TAC is defined in the Assistive Technology Act of 2004. 


The Board/A-TAC will consist of a majority, no less than 51 percent, of individuals with disabilities that use assistive technology or the family members or guardians of the individuals.

The Board/A-TAC will consist of representatives of consumer organizations concerned with assistive technology.

The Board/A-TAC will also consist of representatives of business and industry, including the insurance industry, concerned with assistive technology.

Lastly, the Board/A-TAC will consit of respresentatives from state agencies that provide or coordinate services for perosns with disabilities.