Regional Demonstration Centers (RDC's)

FAAST has six Regional Demonstration Centers that provide services to increase awareness, access, and acquisition of assistive technology for all Floridians. Regional centers are located in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Tampa. Each center provides the following core services:

Information and Assistance- Each RDC program responds to requests for information and/or puts individuals in contact with other agencies, organizations, or companies that can provide them with needed information on AT products, devices, services, funding sources, or other related disability topics.

Assistive Technology Equipment Loans- Each RDC has a device loan program where assistive technology devices may be borrowed for a short period of time to assist with:

• decision making
• serve as a loaner while waiting for a repair or funding
• provide an accommodation on a short term basis for a time limited event
• conduct training, self -education, or other professional activity.

Device Demonstrations- Device demonstrations compare the benefits and features of a particular device or group of devices that address an identified need to help individuals make an informed choice.

Training- Training activities are instructional events, usually planned in advance for a specific purpose or audience that are designed to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and competencies regarding AT. Examples of training include classes, workshops, and presentations that have a goal of increasing skills, knowledge, and competency, as opposed to training intended only to increase general awareness of AT.

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