Faast Donations

As a non-profit Organization, FAAST relies on donors to be able to help more people every day. There are many reasons to donate, here are just a few. 

FAAST Logo being held by 2 hands

  1. Help Others in Need - The world we live in is full of uncertainty. By donating, you are giving the gift of hope to another person.  

  2. Promote generosity and giving to your children - When your children see you giving, they are more likely to grow up with a giving mindset.

  3. Bring more meaning to you Life - When you donate time or money to a charity, you open up opportunity to met new people who believe in the same cause that inspires you. It just makes you feel good.

  4. Tax Deduction - When you give to FAAST or other IRS-Approved Charities, you are able to write off your donations on your tax return. For more information on ax deductions, visit the website. 

  5. Realize that every little bit helps - You don't need to danate Thousands of dollars to make a difference. If everyone gives a little, We can do alot!