Faast Donations

As a non-profit Organization, FAAST relies on donors to be able to help more people every day. There are many reasons to donate, here are just a few. 

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You can help by donating funds to help support FAAST programs throughout Florida!

Your General Donation will be allocated to one of many programs as needed. Or You can specify which program you would like to support on the donation form FOUND HERE.

AT Emergency Fund - Assistive Technology enables people with disabilities to have greater control over their own lives. The right assistive technology provide opportunities for people with disabilities to be more independent, productive and included in community life. FAAST is working to minimize the financial barriers associated with obtaining assistive devices by providing financial assistance to individuals with disabilities who are under financial hardship and are unable to receive a loan, or utilize insurance to cover the cost of the needed technology. Funds may be used to purchase equipment, adaptive software, pay insurance deductibles and repair equipment.

FAAST Statewide Device Loan Program - FAAST operates a statewide device loan program, free-of-charge, to all Floridians with disabilities. This program allows individuals to try assistive devices to see if it meets their needs before making a decision to purchase the item. The program saves taxpayers money by reducing technology abandonment.  Additional funding  is needed  to purchase updated equipment and to assist with the cost associated with shipping and maintaining the inventory.

FAAST 5K - Each Holiday Season FAAST conducts a virtual 5K race to purchase adapted toys for children receiving services in its six Regional Demonstration Centers. A virtual race is a race that can be completed at any location and at your convenience. You can complete the FAAST 5K as you complete your holiday shopping, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can run your race at your own pace wherever you like. Your participation in the FAAST 5K will help raise funds to provide at least 30 children from areas served by FAAST Regional Demonstration Centers with their very own adapted toys.

AT Regional Lending Library - Assistive technology  is used to enhance function and enable a person to live with greater independence at work, school, home and in the community. For many, assistive technology facilitates the ability to communicate with family and friends, obtain and maintain employment, control their environment, manage medication, prepare meals, engage in recreational activities, and complete educational activities. Your donation will allow FAAST to continue to provide updated equipment to its regional centers and to create satellite centers that will help FAAST to assist  even more individuals with disabilities across the state.  

FAAST Rainiy Day Fund - The FAAST Rainy Day fund is a reserve of unrestricted funds set aside for unexpected events like hurricanes and other disasters.