20 Fun Activities using Switch Adapted Devices


If you're looking for activities for theat special needs person in your life, here is a list of 20 activities with links to adapted toys and more to help build these activities. No longer will your child have to sit on the sidelines of fun. check these out and if you have any questions, please call 1-844-FL-FAAST (353-2278).



  1. Cut paper with an adapted scissors
  2. Have a race with adapted cars
  3. Use a walking adapted plush toy to knock down a block tower
  4. Give massages with an adapted massager
  5. Blow bubbles with an adapted bubble blower
  6. Use an adapted pouring cup to make a recipe or measure for science experiments.
  7. Cool off with an adapted fan
  8. Attach streamers to a fan and watch them blow
  9. Make spin art
  10. Be a DJ with an adapted boom box
  11. Ring bells with adapted Ring Around Bells
  12. Be the dice roller for group games
  13. Use a walking adapted toy to deliver a message to the teacher
  14. Create a barn or doghouse using a box with a door cut out and “walk” adapted plush animals into the barn or doghouse
  15. Play musical chairs using a switch adapted Boom Box
  16. Water classroom plants or feed classroom pets with an adapted water spray
  17. Dress up adapted plush toys for the seasons: a witch’s hat for Halloween, etc.
  18. Use an adapted fan to blow a pinwheel or wind chimes
  19. Have a walking adapted toy walk over to specific classmates or play Red Light, Green Light
  20. Use an adapted game spinner to randomly choose centers, identify other students, choose class chores, choose songs or books, and choose games to play.