Access to Braille Technology

A Review of the 6dot Label Maker

by Deborah Kendrick, American Federation for the Blind AccessWorld Magazine

One layer after another, as I unpack the box and examine its contents, a single thought repeats in my brain: "This could be a braille user's dream!" The thought occurs so spontaneously because the contents of this box hold no mystery for the person who is unable to read print.
First, there is a USB keyboard. Next, is a slim 8.5 by 11-inch book, with an embossed label on the front cover announcing that it is the "6dot Label Maker User's Guide." Beneath the USB keyboard and the braille user's guide is another box. This, of course, contains the device itself, a device I am now more eager to see than I had anticipated. Nestled around the device are several rolls of labeling tape and a coiled AC power adapter. In the center, looking not quite like any device I have seen before, is the 6dot Label Maker.

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