FAAST University at the Putnam Lodge

We are all back to work after a fun and educational retreat to Cross City, FL. This past week FAAST held an internal training session at the Putnam Lodge in Cross City. The 3 days of training were a step toward a more consistent and structured future of FAAST.


Over the 3 days of training, we learned about the Importance of being a Customer-Centric Organization and how to provide the best Information and Assistance to our Customers by connecting with the people we serve and focusing on their needs. We introduced and provided training on several new tools that will assist our Headquarters and Regional Demonstration Centers with providing the best service possible. The Training also included updates and information on both the New Horizon Loan Program and Statewide Device Loan Program.


We taught the importance of a consistent message and goal going forward. The students of FAAST University not only learned, but practiced the techniques outlined in the Trainings.


This training was also a way for us to share ideas with one another and to communicate each of our roles within the organization. I feel everyone left there with a better understanding of each and every part of what FAAST is, and how we will strive for Excellence going forward. 

FAAST would like to thank Beverly & Ed Pivacek at the Putnam Lodge for such a great experience.