Restore $100 million in cuts to hospitals

Senate wants to expand session, restore $100 million in cuts to hospitals


The Florida Senate is urging the House to "come back and take a second stab" at the budget and restore $100 million of the $200 million in cuts to hospitals, reports Mary Ellen Klas of The Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau.

In a memo issued by the Senate Tuesday, Senate leaders said they will draft legislation to restore the cuts agreed to with the House when they crafted the final $83 billion budget. The cuts leave hospitals short more than $500 million because of the loss of federal Medicaid matching money. By restoring $100 million, hospitals could get about another $250 million in subsidized payments.

"There was an acknowledgement that the Legislature and the governor didn't quite get the budget right,'' said Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, the Senate chair of the health appropriations committee, who will sponsor the legislation. 

"This is not a deal by any stretch of the imagination. Just like the first go-round wasn't a deal, this isn't either,'' she said.

Negron said the money will come from reserves.

Corcoran issued a statement hours later that the Senate president “wants to raid reserves to give to hospital CEOs.”