Students have mixed reactions to temporary disabilities accommodations

Last winter, Engineering sophomore Sam Greeley developed a severe case of Achilles tendinitis, an ankle injury confining her to crutches for weeks, adding unexpected challenges to her daily life.

After receiving attention from the University of Michigan Hospital, Greeley was not informed of the accommodations available to her from Services for Students with Disabilities. It was not until two days after her hospital visit that she learned about the services available to students with temporary conditions.

“I wasn’t given any contact information for a ride or a cab (from the hospital),” Greeley said. “While you are mostly mobile on crutches, travelling just down the hallway, especially in the beginning, was very tiresome.”

In 2015-2016, 108 students were registered with temporary disabilities, according to the SSD Annual Report. When students injure themselves, they face an unanticipated number of challenges when confined to crutches, wheelchairs and others walking aids. All services are free to students.

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