VR Lets Legally Blind Man Experience Clear Vision For First Time

As technology continues to advance, virtual reality is slowly but surely becoming more of a reality. For many readers, VR is the next step in gaming and achieving an immersive (virtual) experience. However, for Jamie Soar virtual reality is being used to allow him to experience what it is like to have "normal" vision in the real world. Mr. Soar lives with a genetic and progressive eye condition calledRetinitis Pigmentosa as well as diplopia (or double vision) which means that he has severely limited night and peripheral vision. Jamie uses a white cane for mobility and needs to get close to things like computer monitors and signs in order to read them.

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Budget 2017 Fights Looms

A fight involving the next state budget is already taking shape after Gov. Rick Scott called for lawmakers to provide economic-incentive money to help recruit businesses.
A day after incoming House Speaker Richard Corcoran said he views incentives as "corporate welfare," incoming Senate Appropriations Chairman Jack Latvala said he intends to work for the governor's $85 million proposal if the money is available.

Latvala, who will oversee the Senate's budget efforts the next two years, has previously butted heads with Corcoran and other members of the House over incentives. House and Senate leaders have disagreed about issues such as helping pay for professional sports stadiums and providing money to the public-private Enterprise Florida to try to lure companies to the state.
"If we're going to have economic development, and all my polls that I take or see say that economic development jobs is still the number one thing on people's minds, if we're going to have economic development, if we're going to have a jobs effort, we need to fund it," Latvala, R-Clearwater, told reporters in Tallahassee.
"I don't know the magic number, and that obviously we have to look at the budget and see what we've...

Affordable, Accessible, Quality Disability Studies Programs

The disability studies programs at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) have been recognized by The New York Times as being among the top in the country. Developed by expert practitioners and leaders in the disability industry, their programs offer an avenue for you to develop new skills, deepen your understanding of disability, and earn valuable credentials that can lead to career advancement.

At CUNY SPS, you will learn how to assume greater responsibility and leadership as a service provider, advocate, researcher, or policy maker through convenient courses offered online and on campus at their mid-town New York City location. Additionally, the School’s affordable tuition rates make access to education even easier.
They offer programs suited for students of all academic levels, including:
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ClaroRead for Windows 7.1 released

This version makes it even easier to download extra text to speech voices. It also adds "Scan from Screen" to ClaroRead SE and ClaroRead Standard, speaking any inaccessible text from the screen.

We've done a quick video to show the full details:

You can get the latest ClaroRead 7.1 SE and Standard versions by logging in to ClaroRead Cloud and entering your ClaroRead licence key. You can then download ClaroRead 7.1, any of our other Windows programs, any of our 80 high-quality text-to-speech voices in 30 languages, and even ClaroRead for Mac! If you are a ClaroRead Plus or...