4 Tips for Medical School Applicants With Disabilities | Medical School Admissions Doctor | US News
According to a Journal of the American Medical Association study published in December 2016, 3 percent of medical school students have disabilities – although this may be an underestimation, since in my experience many students with mental illnesses don't report their condition. Students' disabilities most commonly are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning and psychological disabilities and less commonly sensory and mobility disabilities.

Source: 4 Tips for Medical School Applicants With Disabilities | Medical School Admissions Doctor | US News

10 Tips For Unlocking The Talent And Potential Of Employees With Disabilities

One of the most tangible benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion is a company’s ability to attract a broader pool of qualified talent. Conversations about being more inclusive in the workplace focus mostly on gender and race, sometimes on sexuality and age, and only rarely on other forms of diversity. However, a significant opportunity exists for organizations to tap into a large pool of people with disabilities: in 2015, 11% of working-age individuals in the U.S. identified as having a disability, but full-time employment among this group was only 35%, with more than one million individuals reporting they were actively seeking work. And this figure does not include the large numbers of highly talented people with disabilities who are not seeking work because they choose instead to start their own businesses.

Source: 10 Tips For Unlocking The Talent And Potential Of Employees With Disabilities

Restore $100 million in cuts to hospitals

Senate wants to expand session, restore $100 million in cuts to hospitals


The Florida Senate is urging the House to "come back and take a second stab" at the budget and restore $100 million of the $200 million in cuts to hospitals, reports Mary Ellen Klas of The Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau.

In a memo issued by the Senate Tuesday, Senate leaders said they will draft legislation to restore the cuts agreed to with the House when they crafted the final $83 billion budget. The cuts leave hospitals short more than $500 million because of the loss of federal Medicaid matching money. By restoring $100 million, hospitals could get about another $250 million in subsidized payments.

"There was an acknowledgement that the Legislature and the governor didn't quite get the budget right,'' said Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, the Senate chair of the health appropriations committee, who will sponsor the legislation. 

"This is not a deal by any stretch of the imagination. Just like the first go-round wasn't a deal, this isn't either,'' she said.

Negron said the money will come from reserves.

Corcoran issued a statement hours later that the Senate president “wants to raid...

Product Spotlight - Neck Strap Transmitter

This Neck Strap Transmitter is made for use with our Wireless Attendant Call Button Vibrating Chime for disabled Seniors.

It keeps the transmitter handy around your neck and is made for use by individuals with good finger dexterity.

3rd Annual CBS News Internship Program


3rd Annual CBS News/Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0/DisBeat Internship

Dear Colleagues:

Please disseminate this announcement widely to your academic and community networks – thanks!

In honor of ADA27 (27th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act), CBS News in collaboration with Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 Initiative and The ADA Legacy Project’s DisBeat, expanded its paid internship program to include outreach to college juniors, seniors and graduate students with disabilities for CBS News/Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0/DisBeat Internship for Fall 2017. Recent graduates are not eligible.

Applicants with insight into lived experiences of disability are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications are due by 5 pm ET on Monday, June 19, 2017; Fall Internship program: September 11 – December 16, 2017.

CBS News internship program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in journalism, broadcasting or communication. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible. Students majoring in journalism, broadcasting or communications are preferred, but those majoring in marketing, advertising, PR, English, history, international studies and political science are...