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Technology has advanced mankind in many ways in the last hundred years, from the light bulb to cell phones, it has enhanced our daily lives significantly. Innovations in technology are expanding at a rapid pace allowing for more areas of our life to be done more efficiently. Functional purposes like heat and food production but also for leisure and entertainment. Assistive technology is the equipment we use to help carry out daily functions including vision, communication, and mobility.

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UCF Receives Million dollar research grant

ORLANDO, Fla. -- It's a $2.7 million dollar grant to help University of Central Florida researchers with a big mission: use technology to improve children's speech, then codify guidelines for an entire industry.

Joey Genovesi utilizes UCF’s clinic for speech impaired son
Technology used to assist children with speech
UCF to offer five year free trial to parents

"I think it's amazing because people need this resource, parents we need this resource, the kids need this resource," said Joey Genovesi.

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Assistive Tech Apps, Tools, and Resources

The way that K-12 learners are taught is in rapid flux, particularly when it comes to students in special education programs. According to a report by the Fordham Insititute, special education participation by K-12 students represented 13.1 percent of the nation’s student population in 2010. From 2000 to 2010, students in special education categories like learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and emotional disturbances dropped in numbers. Cases of autism spiked dramatically, though, quadrupling over the 10-year span.

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Training First Responders to Recognize Autism may avert tragedies

In 2016 in North Miami, Florida, a police officer’s lack of knowledge about autism led to a shooting. Arnaldo Rios, a 26-year-old man with autism, had strayed from his group home and was sitting in the middle of the street. One of his therapists had followed and was trying to coax him to return home. A passerby alerted the police, and, mistaking the toy truck in Rios’ hands for a gun, an officer fired.

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Ambulance out of focus

Assistive Technology in your pocket

As we know, Assistive Technology comes in many forms. From the wheelchair that increases mobility to communication apps that give someone a voice, AT is everywhere.

There is one piece of assistive technology that most everyone carries, and that is a smart phone. A smart phone has a wide range of uses that extend beyond social media, selfies, Texting, and phone calls.


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