Board Members 2016-17

FAAST Board of Directors 2016-17



Karen M. Clay


Karla Kmetz Morris


Christinne Rudd

State Agency Rep to Executive Committee

Diane Vacca

Dept. Of Economic Opportunity

At-Large Member

Enrique Escallon

Nancy Boutot

Kent Carroll

Agency for Persons With Disabilities

David Darm

Department of Blind Services

Thomas DeLilla


Cynthia Gaber

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Dan Gabric


Victoria Gaitanis

Department of Education

Dr. JR Harding

Jennifer Perry-Breen

Luis Perez

Kathy Powell

Kari Vaughn

Ben Welter

Dr. Carole Zangari


FAAST Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees

Within many successful non- profit organizations the board of directors accomplish their work and goals through committees. The goal of the committee is to focus efforts and break the work at hand into meaningful and contro llable chunks. Committees are work units of the organization, and make full use of the time, expertise and commitment of its board members to address issues and achieve goals.

View the list of Standing and current Ad-Hoc Committees.