Q: What is the New Horizon Loan Program?

A: The New Horizon Loan Program offers loans for the purchase of assistive technology starting at $3000.00 up to $30,000. We also offer business loans up to $20,000. Our loans have reasonable, below market interest rates and terms. However, if your loan is over $30,000.00, please still apply. We may have alternative programs in which to assist you.

Q: How can these loans be used?

A: Loans can be used for all types of assistive technology devices and to purchase equipment for starting and/or maintaining a business.

Q: How does my credit history affect my chances of receiving a loan?

A: Credit history does not disqualify you for a loan. If you are lacking a credit history or have a poor credit history, we will evaluate your situation on a case by case basis. A credit evaluation and debt to income check will be made, so if issues to present themselves, we may seek an additional signer to strengthen your application.

Q: Are there income restrictions?

A: No. The New Horizon Loan Program has no lower or upper income limit and we consider all sources of income.


The New Horizon Loan Program originated through the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration and is a program within the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, Inc., a not-for-profit 501 (c)3 organization