Regional Demonstration Center: Central Florida

FAAST Central Florida Regional Demonstration Center

Tampa General Rehabilitation Center

6 Tampa General Circle Room 214

Tampa, FL 33606

PH: (813) 844-7591 TDD: (813) 844-7767

Fax: (813) 844-4128


FAAST Central Florida Regional Demonstration Center

  • Some of our newest equipment includes:

  • Flashing Pager and Phone Transmitter – mix and match what you need to be alerted to doorbell, telephone, attendant call, baby crying, fire

  • Hear All Phone Amplifier – pair with cell phone for amplified speakerphone speech

  • Array FM Kit – personal assisted listening system with transceiver and receiver

  • Smart Shaker – pair vibrating alarm with mobile phone 

  • Pocket Talker 2 and Audable Personal Listening Devices – enhance hearing in noisy environment

  • Ring Pen Ultra – provides an assist to grip your pen

  • Eazy Hold Strap – use this silicone strap for a grip on pens, eating utensils, toothbrush, etc.

  • Freedom Wand – assistive personal care tool

  • Eyegaze Edge Communication/ECU Device – communicate and control environment using only  eye gaze 

*Assistive technology is not needed *
*And don’t try to convince me that*
*Each child can benefit from being more independent*
*Because, when you take a closer look, *
*Devices can seem complex.*
*Even if*
*Some empowerment and new skills shine through once in a while*
*They don’t get the writing, reading and communication fundamentals. *
*And it’s not true that *
*It’s all in awakening the mind and giving purpose to effort*
*True learning can be obtained*
*Only if one isn’t cheating by using crutches - to speak, to spell, to write.*
*It’s not true that a student learns independently*
*I’m sure you can agree that*
*The reality*
*My attitude*
*It’s all beyond my control*
*And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that *
*Assistive technology can benefit all children.*
Thank you to Wylanta Jones, SLP, AT Specialist, for this thought-provoking poem.


Year In Review

CFRDC Devlce Loan Program Activites Photo

FAAST Central RDC staff giving students tour of Center

FAAST Central RDC Out and About

FAAST Central RDC 20th Anniversary Event Photos

What Did You Say?

  •  I really enjoyed viewing all the devices. It gave me a lot of hope that I can continue to do things I love without pain.

  • Very informative staff. I absolutely love that we can try items out and enjoy the hands on approach.

  • I appreciated the opportunity to try out the different assisted hearing devices. Emily was excellent.

  • Great Demonstration! The demonstration introduced me to many options of devices and equipment that can help support the individuals with Disabilities that I work with.

  • Awesome that your facility is here and staffed with such a knowledgeable staff.

  • Having the ability to view and demo products is extremely helpful. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to educate us on the latest advances in Assistive Technology. As future clinicians, this will play a significant role in our tx interventions with Pts.

  • Very educational and helpful. Worth the long commute.

  • Very informative. Emily is friendly, knowledgeable and very approachable.

  • Great community resource.

  • Good information provided to the patient to assist with his typing needs.

  • Great helpful product and extremely satisfied with Emily’s assistance.

  • The FAAST staff is AMAZING!!!

  • Very pleased with FAAST.

  • Great service good use of time.

  • Very helpful. May want to research devices that will aid in not being able to use finger tips.

  • Patient and family appreciated resources and information on ALD.

  • Emily was very educated on the equipment and also very helpful.

  • Always knowledgeable, fast and friendly. Couldn’t teach my class as effectively without this program!

  • This is an excellent program. I am very impressed with the wide range of assistive devices available. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Great service.

  • Great information, presented in a very helpful way—thank you!

  • The alerting and paging systems are wonderful. Emily did a great demo.

  • The staff at the FAAST center were all very helpful and informative, and I sincerely appreciate their time and assistance. Thank you!

  • Very Positive Comments of Individual Receiving Info. He Was Amazed!

  • Thank you for an extremely professional, courteous and helpful visit.

  • We appreciate the loan, and the child and family loved being able to trial this. Thanks!!

  • Thank you for taking the time to show us the ADL’s. We found a lot of items that would be helpful to remain independent.

  • Thank you for being here FAAST center

  • Emily is super knowledgeable and was very patient with my very elderly dad.

  • Enjoyed learning more about FAAST and cannot wait to share information with coworkers!

  • Great program!

  • Great recommendation!!!

  • Was not even aware these options were available. So glad to have found out about them. Meets two needs I had to help in my work environment.

  • I was very glad to be able to borrow the device so I could try it in different settings that I encounter in my life to see if it was a good fit. Wonderful program.

  • Many helpful options presented/demonstrated J

  • Impressed with the available options.

  • Very helpful in showing me the different smart mouse that are on the market.

  • Patient satisfied with interface and switch. “I am doing more with iPad and I am not tired” (Dx ALS) Thank you, FAAST!

  • Great information, can’t wait to see if it can be adapted for my client’s needs.

  • Very happy—and thankful for the ability to use iPad to trial AAC app with 2 of my patients with aphasia. Thank you!!!

  • Flexible, friendly—good contact and follow up

  • I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have the hands on opportunity to test the tools.

  • Client very pleased with options for EADL’s and AT access via iPad, interface and switch options helped increase his endurance during iPad use.

  • This is an amazing resource! I am so glad that I now know about FAAST.

  • Very excited and elated that the technology here can and will help us with our skills and improving sensation and movement to progress in functionality!! VERY HAPPY!!

  • Very informative, excellent presentation. Grateful for loaner products.

  • Fantastic—a great help.

  • This is a hidden gem! I wish I had known about FAAST years earlier, but I am glad I know now.

  • Thank you very much for allowing the opportunity for my students who don’t have a speaking voice, to have a visual voice J

  • This is brilliant. We really appreciative of this.

  • Pt. loved the toys and request the lending library frequently.

  • My students had a great time and they loved your facility! They really appreciate your enthusiasm, openness and dedication. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to make this work.

  • Great service!! I am very happy that we were able to test the equipment before making a decision.

  • Much appreciated chance to try out possible solutions to my dad’s challenges. Thank you.

  • Brings up excellent options

  • Will call the Tecla vendor to ask more questions re: device it was great to see this demo


Central RDC Device Loan Program Inventory (pdf)


Founder Peter Ford gave a presentation of the NeuroSwitch at the Central Regional Demonstration Center's 20th Anniversary!